Succes stories

HappyAir is aware of the importance of an adequate, clinical and safety validation, which provides patients and professionals with the clinical confidence and reliability they need in their daily practice to use a health service.

That is why HappyAir has several successful cases that have served to confirm the clinical value of its ecosystem, as well as its safety for patients.

The study of these cases has been carried out thanks to the Lovexair Foundation and its parnter IT  Persei Consulting and has had a technical team and researcher of experts in respiratory pathology as well as with chronic respiratory patients of  three hospitals in Madrid: the University Hospitals “12 de Octubre” and “La Princesa” and the Clinic Hospital “San Carlos”.

With the results obtained from these success cases, it was proven how, through an online application, the patient can achieve an optimal level of self-care and adherence to their treatments and therapies with a very high perception of the service model with educator therapeutic, gaining in quality of life, improving their well-being and achieving greater independence.

You can watch here some testimonials (Spanish only):