Technical team of the project and participating hospitals

Technical and research team

Begoña Jiménez Reguera
Min researcher: Doctorate
Diploma in Physiotherapy, specialized in respiratory care
Professor at CEU San Pablo University, Madrid

Eva Maroto López
Lovexair Foundation
Diploma in Physiotherapy, respiratory specialty

Jordi Vilaró Casamitjana
Thesis Director
Dr. Health Sciences
Diploma in Physiotherapy, specialized in respiratory care
Researcher in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
& Respiratory Physiotherapy & ITCs
Professor at the Ramón Llull University, Barcelona
Coordinador at SEPAR

Hospitals where the pilot study was carried out

The Lovexair Foundation has received the support of several Hospitals in Madrid, with teams led in some by members of its Advisory board

Hospital Universitario La Princesa (Madrid)
Dr. Julio Ancochea Bermúdez (Head of Service)
Dra. Emma Vázquez Espinosa
Rehabilitation team
Dr. Marta Sánchez
(Rehabilitation Dr.)
Terea Hernández Criado (Physiotherapist)

Hospital Doce de Octubre (Madrid)
Dra. Virginia Pérez
Rehabilitation team
Dra. Lourdes Juarros (Rehabilitation Dr.)
Dra. Nuria Gómez (Médico rehabilitador)
Marta López (Fisioterapeuta)

Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid)
Dra. Myriam Calle