Why a Pilot study?

Because there are many health applications but not all have been validated in a clinical setting and surveys conducted with patients have shown that the patient wants to:

  • The applications have a clinical value
  • Health professionals participate
  • They are usable in their day to day and are accompanied in their use

Its objective is to achieve an optimal level of self-care and improve adherence to treatments and therapies so that chronic patients gain quality of life, improve their well-being and achieve more independence.

What is the clinical study?

In the pilot study we can check whether the use of the application as a support in the daily control of the patient to review their habits, exercise, follow the guidelines of respiratory therapy, use the inhaler correctly and take medications, along with measuring their state of encouragement and other metrics, improves their adherence, knowledge and consequently their quality of life.

The patient is accompanied by their educator to carry out any consultation or seek additional guidance regarding any aspect of care related to their chronic illness.

This pilot study includes a preliminary phase of 2 months of respiratory rehabilitation sessions in collaborating hospitals and a second phase in which an “intervention group”, composed of patients, tests the use of the HappyAir App, with which they will be monitored by the respiratory educator for a period of 10 months.

Why Respiratory Rehabilitation Programs are Important

Currently, respiratory rehabilitation programs carried out in hospital centers represent a widely demonstrated benefit in the treatment of these diseases.

But nevertheless:

  • There are currently scarce resources that make physiotherapy services available to those affected.
  • We need to expand the reach and accessibility and incorporate programs that can be performed by the patient in their locality accompanied by trained educators.
  • There is little adherence to the maintenance of the received guidelines.

The m-Health is proving to be a solution in improving the behavior change of our habits and motivating our activity.

We understand that the relationship of patients with professionals: doctors, physiotherapists and nurses is essential.