What is HappyAir?

HappyAir is an ecosystem for the integral care of chronic respiratory patients and their empowerment. It is created with a multifunctional approach because it involves patients and professionals in clinical, self-management and socio-health aspects.

It Empowers because it provides permanent advice to patients, their families and caregivers, thanks to the personalized support they receive from HappyAir Trainers and health professionals with whom they connect, creating what we call the HappyAir Smart Community.

It empowers because we actively participate in the research and development of comprehensive patient care, through digital solutions and training, so that people acquire skills and knowledge necessary to live with their disease and have more confidence and security.

HappyAir was born on the initiative of Lovexair Foundationa non-profit organization dedicated to the care, support and guidance of people with respiratory diseases. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life of the patient and support the health professionals and therapists who attend them. Look here for the LovexAir philosophy of  sustainability.

Patients, family members and caregivers

  1. Have a daily plan of comprehensive and personalized care
  2. Communicate easily with your doctor, therapist or pharmacist, to share with them information about your illness and treatment, ask any questions you may have and know your evolution.
  • You will improve your health and your quality of life because you will follow a daily plan of care and active life.
  • You will learn to live a little better with your illness because you will understand your diagnosis and your treatment.
  • You will feel accompanied and less dependent on your family and caregivers.
  • You will improve your mood and your quality of life because you will achieve your personal goals.
  • It benefits your community and personal environment because it provides professional accompaniment in your care and follow-up.
  • You will be part of a community of patients that participate in the search for innovative solutions in treatments and comprehensive care.
  • Learn to manage your illness.
  • Record the state of your respiratory health daily.
  • Ask your doctor any questions you may have when reading your reports on the Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Consult bibliography and cases about your illness.
  • Check your evolution
  • Participate in workshops of interest that help you better manage your situation.

Register now at HappyAir, find your educator and enjoy the advantages

Remember that by registering you can have at your disposal a team of HappyAir Trainers that will help you follow a care plan and achieve your personal improvement goals.

Health Professionals and Organizations

HappyAir is an ecosystem where a clinical organization, health center, patient’s associations or health professionals with their own consultation, pharmacies and therapeutic trainers can network, from anywhere, monitor their patient’s community, guide them in their comprehensive care program and include that relevant Personal Health Information.

Likewise, they can share information and educational material directly with the patient and communicate safely through the platform, allowing a multidisciplinary approach, since it makes it possible to manage sessions with other professionals such as psychologists or therapists, as long as the patient consent and agree with the professional.

  • It allows a better clinical management of patients with respiratory pathology, increasing their commitment to it, to treatment, avoiding complications or acute processes and possible relapses.
  • Minimizes costs derived from complications and acute processes, as well as hospital readmission in chronic patients and their associated costs, decongestant the health system.
  • It generates a Personal Health Information within a secure environment for the management of clinical information, in compliance with the Data Protection regulations.
  • It allows to know the evolution of the patient and to personalize the plan of care and treatment according to its evolution.
  • It provides patients with the confidence necessary to face their illness and to talk with other health professionals who carry their disease, making them better prepared and informed about their health status.
  • It reduces the time of review of the patient’s evolution with a summarized information by hand and avoiding unnecessary displacements.
  • Minimizes the risk of infection of the patient.

Create your HappyAir space and help your patients

Contact us to give us more details and to plan together how HappyAir can benefit you better.

Become a Therapeutic Educator, work for HappyAir

The Lovexair Foundation and HappyAir have launched a plan to create a network of HappyAir trainers with national and international reach, who guide and accompany the respiratory patient and their relatives in their local or remote environment, wherever they are, giving them greater capacity of independence, mobility and quality of life, and with a better degree of attention: either because they want to travel, spend a winter with better weather in another country, keep working or just leave their home.

If you are a healthcare professional with training in the respiratory field, or want to expand your knowledge in digital health, you want to work in a network together with a multidisciplinary team or you are interested in being part of this community, join our HappyAir Smart Community and become HappyAir Therapeutic Trainer.

The HappyAir program is based on the figure of the Therapeutic Trainer, a role played by health professionals specialized in pulmonary health and attention to chronicity and active life. “These professionals can be doctors, physiotherapists, nurses or pharmacists.

Your functions are:

  1. Support and accompany the patient and their relatives or caregivers, either in person or online.

  2. Advice them on the guidelines that the patient, must take to self-care and improve their health status “following what is prescribed by the doctors in charge of their care”.

  3. Follow the evolution of the patient’s health status thanks to the periodic reports that can be generated through the platform and the HappyAir professional network.

  4. Support the patient in overcoming their personal challenges.

  • You will be able to manage and supervise a larger volume of patients, optimizing the quality of follow-up and treatment, since it will allow you to manage, wherever and whenever you want, all the clinical and psychosocial aspects of your patients, at the same time that the empowerment of the patient is developed, making them a participant of your clinical condition and your health in a personalized way.
  • You can receive the necessary training to learn how to follow up remotely and continue with your patients, using a wide range of physical and digital resources.
  • Control the evolution of your patients with chronic respiratory pathologies, seeing the evolution in their integral care, as well as their degree of adherence, avoiding unnecessary displacements and efforts and reducing the risk of exposure to infectious agents, among other things.
  • You will have the attention and interaction you need with your patients through an intuitive control panel that will allow you to contact you whenever you need it, as well as access to evolution charts, summary health information and notifications about specific incidents.
  • You can contact other health professionals involved in the care of your patient since you can add and share documents between users, such as reports and results of medical tests.
  • You will receive health-related training in the management of patients with chronic respiratory diseases, applying concepts such as bio monitoring, tele-coaching, tele-monitoring, etc. that are already applied successfully today.
  • In addition, you will develop skills in the management of digital health tools that are already an important part of the field of health sciences and will be key in the future of health care.

Do you want to train to be HappyAir Educator?

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