What services does HappyAir offer to healthcare professionals and organizations, pharmacies and industry?

Clinical management tool for the healthcare professional

  • Collection of personal health information about your patients
  • Periodic evaluations
  • Registration of medication
  • Adverse events
  • Monitoring of registered evolution data
  • Contact record (calls and emails) between professional and patient
  • Track the evolution of your patients
  • R & D resources

Daily record on patient’s health for later follow-up by the professional:

  • Presence of warning signs
  • Changes in secretions
  • Rescue inhaler outlet
  • Basal and post-exercise saturation
  • Aerobic physical activity and strength training
  • Dream and mood
  • Personal goals

Communication with a therapeutic trainer HappyAir

  • Direct contact with the physiotherapist in control of patient follow-up
  • Liaison with other health professionals involved in patient care, providing comprehensive care within an organization or center.

Support to pharmacy offices

  • Training to its employees in comprehensive care in respiratory pathologies
  • Loyalty of clients with respiratory problems by showing greater interest in their problems
  • Creation of new services and dispensing of innovative products
  • Collaboration in the monitoring of patients, complementary to that provided by the health system
  • Helps in the increase of the adherence to the integral treatment
  • Help in the decrease in the use of health services, improvement in quality of life and health status

Support to address R & D projects

  • Multi-center projects to achieve a high number of patients that favor the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) protocols
    • about collectives with orphan treatments
    • on groups with communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • To compare in rehabilitation the differences with exercise plans or active life on subjects in dispersed populations or with a specific clinical picture.
  • Monitoring and control plans:
    • About the patient pre and post-transplant
    • On innovative interventions in home care (Home-care) as the administration of auto-injectable treatment.
    • From the user of oxygen therapy
    • Of sleep apnea
    • From therapeutic exercise
  • It helps the inclusion of the patient regarding:
    • your perception
    • its reporting (PRO) and the evaluation of innovative treatments or therapies
  • Evaluate protocol changes in different cohorts
  • Evaluate the patient in validation studies, with the use of ICTs for diagnosis, predictive analysis or monitoring of their disease within a daily plan of care using ICTs

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