How to do online rehabilitation with respiratory patients?

Telerehabilitation or online rehabilitation with respiratory patients is a new, efficient and safe alternative for the control and monitoring of lung health of vulnerable groups. The use of TICs in health has grown significantly, and has taken off in the last year, in the context of a pandemic and saturation [...]

Sleeping well improves your health. Sweet Dreams!

Every year, the third Friday in March is World Sleep Day. This 2021 is celebrated under the slogan "Regular sleep, healthy future" (Sleeping well). We all know that getting a good night's sleep and quality sleep is important. Getting a routine of physical exercise and eating properly improves our quality [...]

The role of physiotherapy in lung transplant patients

“Transplanted people have a double gratitude: National Donor Day, in which for many years they have expressed their gratitude to the donor and encourage donation; and the National Transplant Day, which is to thank and encourage the professionals who make it possible to continue their line of improvement, in quantity [...]

How using a virtual assistant & coach can help us to manage our health?

As a patient who is struggling with asthma there are many considerations around managing your health. Right now they also include fear and a sense of vulnerability, heightened with the covid pandemic and a #staysafe approach is now key,  to each person’s  individual care concerns. Let's see how using a [...]

Improvid Consortia

Lovexair Foundation a not for profit patient-centred organization was established from Spain in October 2011, to providing meaningful resources to patients, communities and healthcare professionals in respiratory care. We have been working for 10 years in active living & care support whilst building our digital health capacities and know-how with our [...]

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Respiratory and Digital Health Congresses ,September 2020

Dear Lovexair Foundation followers and HappyAirCommunity members, 2020 has been a complicated year in which the COVID-19 situation has shown us more than ever the need for us to adapt our healthcare and social support to resources embedded in digital ecosystems. Lovexair and HappyAir as is our custom, will be [...]

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