Altys, interview with Kevin Dolgin

From Lovexair we want to help you understand more about Altys and it’s value to us, as one of our key projects for better health outcomes in adult asthma management within the HappyAir Community. We worked with responsible scientists & experts who are specialised in helping people to manage their [...]

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Asthma during COVID-19

The past few months have been difficult times for everyone due to the appearance of COVID-19, but especially for those with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma. The similarity of the symptoms of these diseases, together with the fear of attending healthcare centers due in case of contagion, has caused [...]

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COPD Patients versus COVID19

Lovexair and the National COPD Patients Association (APEPOC), Spain join forces to support those most vulnerable to COVID- 19. People affected by chronic & rare respiratory diseases are one of the main risk groups for COVID-19. Lovexair Foundation and APEPOC are providing support to patients’ needs by making available HappyAir [...]

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Altys launch

Shane Fitch statement, CEO and Fundación Lovexair President, about Altys launch At Lovexair we have worked diligently in social & digital health for the last 10 years. We built HappyAir Community with online health projects , specialising in delivering care support for people impacted by respiratory diseases. HappyAir is [...]

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COVID-19 and Respiratory Diseases

Nowadays, we are all feeling uncertain and very tconcerned about the current global situation due to he covid-19 pandemic. From Lovexair Foundation, we  are sending you a message of support our President, Shane Fitch  where  as an NGO we are providing people with much needed resources from the HappyAirCommunity. [...]

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Respiratory diseases and the Coronavirus

At Lovexair Foundation we are working to support people affected by respiratory diseases. When confronting the situation with covid-19 (Coronavirus) it's important to understand that we are a community at risk and we need to take especial care of ourselves. It's very important to limit contagion between people at risk [...]

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