Get inspired with Arran Strong!

At Lovexair we are proud that Arran is one of our HappyAir ambassadors! On May, 24 in Ericeira, Portugal, Arran and Emilie Uttrup shared with the youth their history of personal improvement. The talk was very well received and was supported by Boardriders Ericeira. From Lovexair we thank you for your solidarity in [...]

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Patient Empowerment, Sitges 2018

HIMSSEurope 2018 & Health 2.0, Sitges, Barcelona, May 27-29, gave all stakeholders the opportunity to share their views on how we engage better as citizens in this age of digital health and the incredible transformation taking place in healthcare and life sciences.

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HappyAir Smart Community at eHealth Summit Singapore

HappyAir Smart Community at eHealth Summit Singapore. HIMSS APAC and Health 2.0 We are continuing to work to offer our digital health resources in regions with a dynamic approach to the future of healthcare. The past April 24th, Víctor Gascón, Global Transformation Officer, pitched for Lovexair Foundation in Singapore during [...]

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We are not alone! We stand together!

Alpha-1 Global Congress, Croatia 3-6 April. The young patient’s voice with our HappyAir Ambassador Arran Strong from Lovexair was a hit. How great it is for young people to begin to speak out about how they continue to live their lives and build their dreams, even when they have a [...]

Empowerment through digital tools is still far away from citizens

Shane Fitch (@belivedomore) is the founder and director of Lovexair, a foundation that supports people affected by chronic and rare respiratory diseases. After ten years of working in digital health she has developed together with a multidisciplinary team, a digital self-care program for all types of respiratory patients. Fitch is involved in various [...]

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ICIC2019 International Integrated Care Conference, San Sebastian

This 3 day event acted as a platform to exchange knowledge in determining how we can bring better holistic care to people in our digital age with key stakeholder participation from healthcare professionals in the public-private sector: academics, researchers, industry  & healthcare providers with patient representation, all sharing their experience [...]

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