You can collaborate with us as a Partner, R&D Start-Up or simply by joining and donating.

As a partner

We work with healthcare institutions, societies, industry and patient organizations that contribute to improving people’s health and quality of life.

If you are patient-centred and want to support healthcare professionals and researchers.

We are counting on you!

Join us as an R&D start-up

Today’s tech companies are disrupting the healthcare sector with innovative solutions for diagnostics, care or crisis management and personalised treatment.

e-Health and m-Health have become the delivery channels and structures for healthcare systems to connect people with their healthcare teams.

For that reason, the partnering between HappyAir and the R&D start-ups will allow us to:

  • Act as facilitators bringing technology solutions to patients & healthcare professionals.
  • Support tech companies in the process of testing their applications and devices.
  • Connect their technology with our HappyAir platform to streamline and compile valuable data with the primary objectives being patient well-being and an improved clinical understanding of their disease.

Join us & make a donation!

Our experience has taught us to embrace the changes and benefits of the new age of digital health & social care. These new resources can provide more opportunities for anyone around the world to change the way they manage their health.

Above all we care about keeping the “human touch” in our relationship with patients and healthcare professionals as, without this focus, the effects of digital health are greatly diminished.

Your donations, your time, your dedication and your collaboration allow us to work to achieve our goals on a daily basis. We can make gigantic leaps or take baby steps, but we know that we are heading on the right path.

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