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    Service Description

    The HappyAir programs are designed to accompany, attend and train for self-care to the chronic respiratory patient. Its objective is to achieve an optimal level of self-care and to improve adherence to the treatments recommended by its doctors so that patients become more autonomous and improve their health and quality of life. We offer a personalized plan of care for the patient, based on educational sessions, respiratory rehabilitation and training activities, accompanied by our educators specialized in pulmonary health.

    For professionals, HappyAir is an affordable digital environment easily accessible from any mobile device or PC. Every clinical organization, health center, patient association, health professionals with their own consultation, pharmacies, educators and trained health professionals can monitor their patient community, guide them in their care program and include relevant information in their digital health record.

    In addition, our platform allows a multidisciplinary approach in the management of chronic patients in comprehensive care, since it makes it possible to manage sessions with other professionals such as psychologists or other therapists, as long as the patient consents and agrees with the professional.

    Through HappyAir, the patient can follow a comprehensive care plan to improve the self-management of their chronic disease, acquire new healthy habits, follow a personalized plan and undertake an active life that adapts to their health status. The platform offers all the necessary digital resources to communicate and interact with the therapists, doctors and / or pharmacists connected, sharing information and allowing accompaniment. You can observe your progress over time, set goals and become aware of the importance of self-knowledge and self-care.

    At HappyAir we not only aim to help the patient, but we seek to empower him / her!

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