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Arran Strong – HappyAir Ambassador

Arran Strong, the new ambassador of HappyAir Project introduces himself and explain why he supports HappyAir and his battle with a rare chronic respiratory disease. Arran is a surfer aiming to a professional soon and he gives us a positive message to encourage people to follow their dreams and live a healthy life.

Arran Strong – HappyAir Ambassador2019-09-17T12:21:30+02:00

Arran Strong & Karen Skalvoll share their Alpha-1 challenges

Our HappyAir Ambassador, Arran Strong, is sharing stories with Alphas around the world. In this episode, Karen Skalvöll tells us her story about challenging lung disease and Alpha-1. Come and meet them both in the upcoming Alpha-1 Global Congress, 3-6 April, 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Arran Strong & Karen Skalvoll share their Alpha-1 challenges2019-09-12T10:16:05+02:00
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