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Individual, professional or HappyAir coach

As a patient/relative/caregiver with a respiratory disease HappyAir can help you:

Providing an “online”, personalized daily care-plan that will allow you to:

  • Improve your health and quality of life, so you can live your life to the fullest.

  • Count on the support of a HappyAir coach who will assist you in managing your health.

  • Feel more comfortable sharing your worries or discussing your difficulties in private.

  • Learn how to better communicate with your doctor, therapist or pharmacist in order to exchange relevant information about your illness or treatment.

  • Keep daily track of your pulmonary health, physical activity and other metrics to evaluate your progress and share your results with your doctor from your personal tablet or smartphone.

  • Access reliable information about your illness from a trusted source.

  • Gain confidence in tackling your disease head-on

We provide “offline” follow-up and support which allows you to:

  • Meet up with others in your situation through workshops where you will have access to first-hand experience in understanding and managing your health.

  • Develop a more active lifestyle by participating in open-air events and activities.


HappyAir can offer you your own online & offline care service to manage your patient community or develop research projects from your healthcare centre, organization or pharmacy. The service includes the use of our clinical platform that will allow you to:

  • Guide patients in their healthcare plan to improve their state of well-being, teach them to manage their health through self-care, ensure they adhere to their treatments, and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Track patient progress:
    Remotely track developments within your patient community, manage personal health information, and receive regular updated reports.
  • Share personal health information and educational materials directly with patients within a secure environment and in compliance with GDPR for Health & Life Sciences.
  • Have the support of a HappyAir Coach who will help you manage your patients based on their specialization as well as their training in the administration of care plans and use of our HappyAir platform.
  • Provide pharmacy staff with training in digital health, prevention, detection, treatment and self-care of respiratory diseases.
  • Receive support for research projects focused on specific target groups that can contribute to building an up-to-date repository, analysing health data and trends and determining how to improve treatment options in personalised care.
  • Connect with other healthcare professionals across our network to share knowledge and techniques to support better outcomes in care plans and active lifestyles

And if you want to become a HappyAir Coach:

The Lovexair and HappyAir Foundation have launched a network of HappyAir Coaches to guide their respiratory patients in their journey, helping them gain more independence and mobility and improving their quality of life.

Any healthcare professional (doctor, physiotherapist, nurse or pharmacist) can also join our network to update their respiratory specialisation through HappyAir workshops and trainings on digital health and respiratory diseases. The international outreach of our network will also boost the professional and collaborative opportunities of HappyAir Coaches.

If you want to know more about how to become a HappyAir Coach, please contact us at and you will receive a dossier with detailed information.


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