Telerehabilitation or online rehabilitation with respiratory patients is a new, efficient and safe alternative for the control and monitoring of lung health of vulnerable groups.

The use of TICs in health has grown significantly, and has taken off in the last year, in the context of a pandemic and saturation of the health system due to # COVID-19. Digital health solutions are useful and complementary resources to face-to-face care, favoring both the patient and the healthcare professional.

Applications and web platforms facilitate online monitoring and treatment of those most vulnerable people, who due to their health situation must remain at home and not expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Through telemedicine or teleconsultation, people with chronic respiratory diseases can maintain the connection with their health team, both physiotherapists and doctors, and control their pathology.

“Telerehabilitation is an emerging method that offers rehabilitation care programs beyond the hospital or a health center (public or private), through online devices and resources. This is how it is possible to reach a higher percentage of the population, especially those who have difficult geographical or social access ”. Eroski Consumer

According to the article published by Eroski Consumer, online or virtual rehabilitation reduces face-to-face visits to the consultation with the consequent reduction in the risk of contagion. According to a study carried out by the American Medical Association (AMA), about 75% of consultations or emergencies are unnecessary and could be managed by phone or video call. “These programs are intended to improve the accompaniment and follow-up of patients and their adherence to multidisciplinary treatment, promoting, among others, the necessary behavior change to increase physical activity. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle leads to a decrease in exacerbations, visits to the emergency room and / or hospital admissions”.

What does an online tele-rehabilitation or rehabilitation program with respiratory patients include?

  • Education for the health of the patient and their families
  • Respiratory physiotherapy techniques (ventilation and secretion drainage techniques)
  • Therapeutic exercise program (aerobic training, peripheral muscle strength training and respiratory muscles)
  • If possible, psychological and / or nutritional support will also be given

“Telerehabilitation programs are aimed at people with a lung condition, especially those who need a respiratory rehabilitation program on a regular basis. It is also recommended for patients who have overcome the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, and the sequelae still persist (persistent or long-lasting COVID) ”

In addition, it is important that the patient understands that to effectively monitor their health status, they must record some data, parameters and signs or symptoms, and do so on a secure platform, where the protection of their health data is guaranteed, such as is the case of HappyAir. Likewise, the recording of these data generates reports that are essential for the medical team, since from these health reports it can evaluate and monitor the evolution of the patient based on accurate information.

At Happyair we offer the possibility that those most vulnerable and affected people at this time, can continue doing their rehabilitation programs with the supervision of Coaches HappyAir, respiratory physiotherapists, specifically trained in digital health, who will guide and accompany them throughout the process. All this through a web platform, where the patient can make their records and obtain the necessary material to understand their disease and follow an individualized care plan, with all the security for patients, their families and the medical team.

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