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Altys, interview with Kevin Dolgin

From Lovexair we want to help you understand more about Altys and it’s value to us, as one of our key projects for better health outcomes in adult asthma management within the HappyAir Community. We worked with responsible scientists & experts who are specialised in helping people to manage their health where each individual is [...]

Altys, interview with Kevin Dolgin2023-04-24T13:15:49+02:00

Altys launch

Shane Fitch statement, CEO and Fundación Lovexair President, about Altys launch At Lovexair we have worked diligently in social & digital health for the last 10 years. We built HappyAir Community with online health projects , specialising in delivering care support for people impacted by respiratory diseases. HappyAir is independent, provides a secure space [...]

Altys launch2023-04-24T13:16:38+02:00
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