Shane Fitch statement, CEO and Fundación Lovexair President, about Altys launch

At Lovexair we have worked diligently in social & digital health for the last 10 years. We built HappyAir Community with online health projects , specialising in delivering care support for people impacted by respiratory diseases.

HappyAir is independent, provides a secure space where people can receive the care they need from their healthcare professionals, contribute personally to research, if they wish and participate in projects which create value & knowledge about our future respiratory health. Lovexair is custodian of this space and acts in good faith for and on behalf of peoples’ rights to better health and wellbeing.

Now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s important that we look after people, wherever they are, using resources that are relevant to both people who are affected, as well as the healthcare professionals who are caring for them.

Patient safety is key, especially when hospital visits are only recommended in case of real emergencies and avoiding infection is vital for those at risk.

At times like this, it’s clear that monitoring patients’ progress in managing their treatment, keeping them on track in their self-care and listening to their concerns, are priorities and must be managed using tele-health support services.

At Lovexair we share this vision & join forces with collaborators from many countries and sectors working in healthcare, to improve peoples’ quality of life.

Altys, a Virtual Asthma Assistant has just been launched, for the first time, on World Asthma Day in Spain,  in our HappyAir environment.

This has been made possible thanks to an international  & national collaboration with Novartis Global Pharma and Novartis Spain, We sincerely thank Novartis Global & Spain for collaborating with us in this Project from scratch with Observia and IT partners, Rapson Technologies as well as our DPO legal partners Santiago Mediano Lawyers, who have worked closely together with us for the last 2 years.

Altys has been designed by integrating innovative technology from Observia,  France which specialises in e-health solutions based on algorithms “spur TM” . This IT helps us to learn more about each persons’ needs according to their preferences & lifestyle , through direct interaction with Altys.

We would also like to thank GRAP, the Spanish Respiratory Primary Care group ( part of IPCRG) for helping us in reviewing suitable educational content for asthma management in Altys and COPD in #Pioneros.

People can connect with our HappyAir coach through Altys when needed, which helps us to get to know people better and guide them in individual care programs for 16 weeks, or longer if they wish.

Altys launch goal

Our goal is  to help people learn to manage their asthma more easily,  avoid asthma attacks, reduce their hospital visits and also understand why and how keeping up with their treatment, helps them  to have a healthier lifestyle, short -mid- long term.

HappyAir coaches are healthcare professionals, trained in online healthcare support. Often respiratory physiotherapists who know how to share the patient journey, training people to gain confidence in active lifestyles and offering pulmonary rehab ,when needed.

People signed-up to Altys can check in with their own personal coach or take up a personal care plan, based on their health status and needs.

Altys launch opens the doors to the future in digital health & social care: advancing in real knowledge and insights about personalised online care plans and their delivery.

So we can improve our results in health outcomes and wellness working together  with multi-stakeholders & from patient organizations , sharing  our information in a meaningful format with our healthcare professionals.

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