The past few months have been difficult times for everyone due to the appearance of COVID-19, but especially for those with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma. The similarity of the symptoms of these diseases, together with the fear of attending healthcare centers due in case of contagion, has caused a real lack of control in early diagnosis and well guided disease- management practice. Let’s see Asthma during COVID-19.

Additionally, cancelled medical visits, clinical tests, follow-up after diagnois has left patients with few ways to work out how they are managing their own health issues, unable to consult their healthcare professionals and resolve their doubts and key concerns.

Right now, the whole world is facing a health pandemic at different stages of severity. Some in crisis mode and others with resurgence or spikes where people  are in different stages of confinement, lockdown, trying to go back to work or resume academic activities at schools & universities.

Carolina Sassi  is a new and very welcome member to Lovexair’s Advisory Board, as a young professional women who is affected by asthma , she shares her own experience during the pandemic and how she manages to navigate this situation and her working life. Hear her story.

Asthma during COVID-19


From Lovexair we want to give you all some  key  points to bear in mind when living with asthma which could really help you, to get your asthma under better control:

  • Understand what asthma is and how it needs to be treated.
  • Learn to manage the disease and face an asthma attack.
  • Stay active despite any of these adverse circumstances and inspite of having  asthma.It isn’t a barrier to keeping fit in your own way.
  • Recognise the most frequent symptoms and how to differentiate them,  from those of COVID-19.

If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate and contact us at We have specially trained coaches who work online and can set you up with simple care plans to help you manage much better and #staysafe.

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