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Get inspired with Arran Strong!

At Lovexair we are proud that Arran is one of our HappyAir ambassadors! On May, 24 in Ericeira, Portugal, Arran and Emilie Uttrup shared with the youth their history of personal improvement. The talk was very well received and was supported by Boardriders Ericeira. From Lovexair we thank you for your solidarity in telling your story and helping [...]

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We are not alone! We stand together!

Alpha-1 Global Congress, Croatia 3-6 April. The young patient’s voice with our HappyAir Ambassador Arran Strong from Lovexair was a hit. How great it is for young people to begin to speak out about how they continue to live their lives and build their dreams, even when they have a rare disease which affects lung, [...]

We are not alone! We stand together!2019-09-09T09:46:11+02:00

ICIC2019 International Integrated Care Conference, San Sebastian

This 3 day event acted as a platform to exchange knowledge in determining how we can bring better holistic care to people in our digital age with key stakeholder participation from healthcare professionals in the public-private sector: academics, researchers, industry  & healthcare providers with patient representation, all sharing their experience in how we approach this [...]

ICIC2019 International Integrated Care Conference, San Sebastian2019-09-12T10:02:15+02:00

#doencasrarasPT: World Rare Disease, Portugal 2019

10 March 2019, a beautiful sunny day on Carcavelos Beach, Lisbon. A young Portuguese professional surf community & Lombos School helped Lovexair and our Happyair Ambassador, Arran Strong, put on an awareness event for World Rare Disease Day. The event consisted of surf and yoga therapy. The aim was the promotion of lung health, physical [...]

#doencasrarasPT: World Rare Disease, Portugal 20192019-09-12T10:32:08+02:00

Dynamic 1-day Digital Healthcare events for chronic & respiratory diseases

Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata, IoT … what do they mean? How are they related to our health ? Tele-care is part of many healthservices and our connectedness is already making it easier to communicate directly online with healthcare professionals and other patients in shared spaces ,to discuss our illness: how to manage it better, how well [...]

Dynamic 1-day Digital Healthcare events for chronic & respiratory diseases2019-09-12T11:27:54+02:00
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