Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata, IoT … what do they mean? How are they related to our health ?

Tele-care is part of many healthservices and our connectedness is already making it easier to communicate directly online with healthcare professionals and other patients in shared spaces ,to discuss our illness: how to manage it better, how well we use inhalers and what is around in an app or a wearable that can measure our heart rate, our fitness and even our insulin levels if we have diabetes.

But how does this really help us or a member of our family who suffers from a chronic condition to cope better?. As a healthcare professional working closely with patients, can we learn how better to support our patients?Can we help them to make changes to their lifestyle when they are diagnosed with COPD, heart conditions or diabetes and other illnesses where their quality of life is changed ad they need more care and help in day to day life?

Do patients and professionals understand how they can engage better as professionals to work with patients in self management and get more active to improve their health and wellness?

Do patients understand how their health data can be shared, used in research to bring new treatments and therapies for their disease and even personal solutions or test tools which can work for them?

As a healthcare professional working closely with patients we invite you to join us in an interactive workshop. Bring your favourite patient , those who need help , or who come into your pharmacy and need extra support to manage their lives better .

As a Family-mamber, care-giver or patient join our sessions with you nurse, doctor or physiotherapist.They want to work with you and help you overcome the problems you find living with a chronic disease.

Experts in digital healthcare will answer your questions, we will work together in areas where we can show you how to make the most of these digital resources,, what they mean to test your lung health, understand your weight better, manage your condition and improve your activity.

All guided by our team and the healthcare professionals most interested in working in the digital health era, acquiring skillsets to guide their patients or those in their community who need more support and care solutionsl

Join us and participate in a dynamic day in which the patient is at the heart of things and the healthcare professional is prepared for this new era.

Oxygentherapy users are welcome to attend or their care-givers. Please just let us know your needs in advance.

A short Nordic Walk activity will be held immediately after the events. HappyAir will be tested during the events. For free registration and more info:

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