10 March 2019, a beautiful sunny day on Carcavelos Beach, Lisbon. A young Portuguese professional surf community & Lombos School helped Lovexair and our Happyair Ambassador, Arran Strong, put on an awareness event for World Rare Disease Day.

The event consisted of surf and yoga therapy. The aim was the promotion of lung health, physical activity and breathing for the benefit of affected individuals and families.

Our Happyair Ambassador has Alpha-1 but that doesn’t stop him from trying to live his big dream. At Lovexair we meet special people around the world who challenge their disease, no matter what:  the sea air and the good vibes really help us all to change how we feel and take simple first steps to share our experience, get to know other people who inspire and explore how we can live our life differently.

From Lovexair, a big thanks to all who partnered with us and helped make this happen!

We want to grow across communities who can support, care and share the good things in life and help people be happier and healthier, mind & body.

HappyAir, our way to show we care!

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