This 3 day event acted as a platform to exchange knowledge in determining how we can bring better holistic care to people in our digital age with key stakeholder participation from healthcare professionals in the public-private sector: academics, researchers, industry  & healthcare providers with patient representation, all sharing their experience in how we approach this change .

800 abstracts and numerous sessions analysed solutions which are in design, incubation or operational, yet are still difficult to implement at scale, to produce cost-effective solutions with measurable positive outcomes for patients and reduced burden, for healthcare professionals.

This is an era where we now depend so much more on working together in behaviour change in how we handle our care models from the healthcare professional, patient  and administration’s perspective.

Lovexair‘s HappyAir Smart Community attracted attention as a flexible solution in supporting care for people affected by respiratory diseases, providing active living and personal plans.

This is a solution for organizations or individuals who want to deliver simple resources to provide better outcomes to their  patients who are guided in their own care plan, at home or work.

Looking at society’s current needs in social, health & R&D @Lovexair we actively participate in helping to configure and bring resources to empower communities and networks.

This is key to the cultural change needed in taking on new roles in healthcare delivery. Julio Mayol inspired us in the 4th plenary session as a thinker and influencer & Janette Hughes from the Scottish Digital Health Institute. Our thanks to Leo Lewis and Fione Lyne from the International Integrated Care Foundation, for working so hard to bring a memorable event together in the Basque country and paving the way for a new era in Croatia 2020.

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