2020 brings us the opportunity to work harder this decade at getting the patients’ voice heard across the globe and changing the way people live for the best, when they have breathing issues and serious lung disease. It is time to give solutions to respiratory diseases.

Consuelo  in Spain, tells us about how using oxygen means she mainly stays indoors and even if she does get out, she has to deal with the pollution or smoking in the terraces in her city centre.

Here you can watch the interview: https://lnkd.in/di5Az3h

We know that the same problems are faced by millions of people around our world facing poor air quality and the burden of living with respiratory disease. At Lovexair we care and can work together to make a difference in how you manage your daily life .

HappyAir is how we make change happen:  bringing solutions to respiratory diseases to you and your loved ones in 2020.  Be in touch, we have a plan for a better future for you!

Última actualización realizada el 25 enero, 2020