Nowadays, we are all feeling uncertain and very tconcerned about the current global situation due to he covid-19 pandemic. From Lovexair Foundation, we  are sending you a message of support our President, Shane Fitch  where  as an NGO we are providing people with much needed resources from the HappyAirCommunity.

This new coronavirus has generated a pandemic: COVID-19 until recently this was a totally unknown disease, yet  today  we are bombarded through the media and social networks.

From Lovexair we are contributing with key actions : aiming to provide clear,  concise & reliable information to advise and support anyone who is struggling to manage. Especially people who are affected by respiratory diseases (their caregivers, family members), people at high risk & whoever is now confined at home and needs better guidance.

Linea #ConCiencia is an online telephone ,video  or social media help service where callers can connect with our coaches, specialized in online respiratory healthcare.

For more information read more. link.

Follow our social media to stay informed where we are sharing useful advice and information.

By using these services you are also doing your bit to help the healthcare services manage the critically ill patients arriving at hospitals as well as other people who are waiting for urgent medical attention.

In this we at Lovexair, we hope to alleviate the burden of care places on healthcare professionals who are working hard, under extreme pressure with scant resources.

Our admiration, praise and thanks goes to all the people who are working in healthcare services and industry, to provide the best support and care that people need at the moment.

Kind regards, thanking each and every one of you. Please take care of your lungs.

Shane Fitch

Última actualización realizada el 1 abril, 2020