At Lovexair Foundation we are working to support people affected by respiratory diseases. When confronting the situation with covid-19 (Coronavirus) it’s important to understand that we are a community at risk and we need to take especial care of ourselves.

It’s very important to limit contagion between people at risk as well as  the general public. It’s each person’s responsibility and that’s why we should follow the advice of our healthcare authorities.

Why is it important to stay at home?

It may be that although you are infected by the Coronavirus you don’t have any symptoms which means you could infect someone else, without realizing it. We should stay at home and limit our social life to avoid infecting people in a short period of time, otherwise we can end up overburdening the healthcare system, making it really difficult for them to cope with high numbers of people and attend to others who also need urgent attention.

Are we aware that how we behave , is actually really important as to how we look after our health?

The good news is, that it is up to us. We can actually contribute positively, if we follow the official guidelines and act responsibly.

Staying at home protects us better if we don’t have any serious symptoms, avoids contagion and we are also acting responsibly towards other people, especially those who are most vulnerable. We also help the healthcare professionals on the front line who are making an enormous effort and are dedicated to manage this difficult situation as best as they can.

At Lovexair we are aware that this situation is causing people to be anxious and worried. So we have set up  helpline to support people who feel they need more information and listen to their problems to try and guide them as usefully as possible.

Please contact us at between 09h-18h CET:

  • phone: (+34)956 537 186 or (+34) 918 227 874
  • e-mail at
  • Facebook: @FundacionLovexair
  • Twitter: @Lovexair

We will get back to you as soon as possible after the weekend.

Remember please look after your health and take care of your lungs

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