On World Rare Disease Day, from #HappyAirCommunity we want to send a message from our ambassador Arran Strong.

Arran, started surfing when he was 6 years old and now he is a professional athlete, lives with Alpha-1, a genetic condition which can cause serious lung or liver disease and complex health issues.

AAT protects our lungs from inflammation and deterioration. The impact of pollution, & exposure to inhaled substances is critical in people with rare respiratory diseases. That’s why our air quality is so important to help us maintain a healthy life.

For rare diseases, such as #Alpha-1, the current average delay in diagnosis is 5 years.

An early diagnosis is essential to prevent worsening health issues. So on #WRDDay we need to get the message out about the importance of finding out if you have symptoms for Alpha-1 or other rare disease and go to your doctor.

Current climate change and serious virus epidemics are a huge threat to people globally.

Valuing how we breathe and our lung health is critical to everyone on our planet.

Even if you have a rare or respiratory disease Arran’s message is: take better care of yourself, your breathing, air quality , what you eat  and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as much as you can.


Última actualización realizada el 27 febrero, 2020