Lovexair and the National COPD Patients Association (APEPOC), Spain join forces to support those most vulnerable to COVID- 19.

People affected by chronic & rare respiratory diseases are one of the main risk groups for COVID-19. Lovexair Foundation and APEPOC are providing support to patients’ needs by making available HappyAir in a key project #Pioneros which includes  online home-care coach guidance with their respiratory physiotherapists in personalised care plans. We are determined to meet patients’ needs and help them through their anxiety about managing their health with current difficulty in access to regular healthcare services.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is  the fourth leading cause of death in  Spain with more than  3 million people affected and 80% underdiagnosed. Today, COPD is a serious health problem globally. In general, the  co-morbidity and mortality associated with  this disease is still largely unknown . However Alpha- 1  (Alpha-1-Anitrypsin deficiency)  is  considered to be a known genetical factor for COPD disease development and requires a specific care support plan adapted to their own disease development & treatment needs including replacement therapy.

COPD patients suffer from a decline in quality of life, which has serious repercussions at  work and socially. They are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, due to several factors:

  • Their uncertainty about preventative care measures regarding possible infection or complications that arise.
  • Misinformation or lack of reliable advice on how to manage this situation from their homes, and the almost to go to health centers during this period of time with overload.
  • Difficulty in accessing online care support due to COVID-19 from their healthcare teams or even organize their doctor’s appointments in the near future.

A shared mission

Lovexair and the COPD Patients Association (APEPOC) share a mission: to provide meaningful resources that improve their quality of life. Detect,prevent and gain appropriate care support including pulmonary rehabilitation and ongoing physical activities to improve their wellbeing.

APEPOC is currently working on the #Covid19yEPOC project, telling peoples’ stories about what it means to be in lockdown and confined to home.

This collaboration means  patients with COPD have the opportunity to enrole in #Pioneros project, during COVID-19 and get much needed care support.

For a 6 month period, each patient  can connect with their coach ,a respiratory physiotherapist trained in online health by the  Lovexair Foundation, learning how to improve their health outcomes, manage the key aspects which govern their personal issues: anxiety, sleep, symptom control, oxygen  or exercise in a daily care plan.  By telephone or video-conference & through their own online dashboard , they can track their progress via their mobile phone or tablet.

#Pioneros  in HappyAir  has been endorsement socially by the Spanish Pulmonary & Thoracic Society (SEPAR) and the Primary Respiratory Care Group (GRAP),led by a Clinical supervisory team.

Lovexair develops projects in #HappyAirCommunity across the respiratory disease spectrum, using our platform and integrating innovative IT or devices  or apply new ways in working together on a care plan, showing people how to manage their health more easily in the digital era.

Now more than ever we need to work together, get involved in research & improve how healthcare professionals and patients connect for better outcomes ,ease the workload and receive ongoing care support with safety from home or while mobile.

We are working to advance our capabilities in our understanding and research for recovery plans for people affected by Covid-19 who initially need pulmonary rehab ,as well as comprehensive multi-morbidity monitoring and support.

Linea CONCIENCIA  is a helpline which enables us to attend  to peoples’ first doubts and concerns about their respiratory health issues and decide how best we can help them learn how to manage their lives more easily and overcome their personal difficulties , providing reliable information and guidance.

Join us as partners in digital health & social care support. We can make a change & together  demonstrate our commitment to respiratory health 2020.

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