Lovexair Foundation a not for profit patient-centred organization was established from Spain in October 2011, to providing meaningful resources to patients, communities and healthcare professionals in respiratory care.

We have been working for 10 years in active living & care support whilst building our digital health capacities and know-how with our propietory  HappyAir Communitya social-educational- clinical resource centre for patient care, supported by a trained coach network. 

How did we manage this?

We developed important relationships & a knowledge base from 22 years experience with many key stakeholders globally, amongst these: patient advocates, respiratory physiotherapists , researchers, health &  life science academics as well as pulmonary experts , primary care physicians, industry, IT and public-private institutions.

Each person contributing to a balanced design, functionality and deployment of care models that our health & social care systems need, from their own experience and perspective with accessibility &sustainability in our mindset.

Proven and endorsed solutions

As a member of EIP on AHA,Integrated Care  we presented HappyAir as an evidence- based care model,  recognised by Digital Health Europe 2020 as a scalable solution and recently were published in JMIR for improving adherence post pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD patients.

We are slowing building on our capabilities and with partners Azatec Consulting Url planning to scale up our digital health & social ecosystem together with key stakeholders, to respond to the challenges of covid-19 for both vulnerable people and those affected by covid-19.


There is a growing interest in our initiative and one which it is important to  build on, to develop evidence -based sustainable health solutions through a solid partnering innovative and well governed network , engaging those organizations or individuals, who wish to improve peoples’ lives.

If you would like to find out more, please contact: Shane Fitch, CEO Lovexair Foundation :