As a patient who is struggling with asthma there are many considerations around managing your health. Right now they also include fear and a sense of vulnerability, heightened with the covid pandemic and a #staysafe approach is now key,  to each person’s  individual care concerns. Let’s see how using a virtual assistant can help us in our health.

So prevention is more of a priority in our current situation and we need a variety of tools to help us take better care of ourselves with a clear head.

During this pandemic, more people than ever before have turned to social media. Does this mean that we can learn to look after our health better?

You can’t connect with your doctor and you are probably scared of going to the healthcare center, in case of contagion.So having an alternative, reliable system and tools which can help you, when you are not in an emergency situation, can make a difference to how well you do. We want to help you reduce your anxiety.

Virtual assistants and digital ecosystems are making their way into our healthcare

Virtual assistants are used more than ever before, in our digital world. Who hasn’t been helped to buy something online with a friendly assistant to make the right choices about what you really want?

Take this one step further and  we can all get a lot of help in clearing our ideas and ensuring that we can check up on information which is hopefully more reliable than  much of the “fake news” or “ myths”  we are faced with in social media.

At Lovexair, we are happy to bring in technology with our  HappyAirCommunity which could help you manage better, no matter what your respiratory issues are. We work together with you and our coaches, on your personal care plan. ALTYS has been developed by scientists who understand why each person is different in the way they think about their health. And we all need to take a step-by-step approach to learning how to do better.

Better ways to exchange and share relevant information

Being ready to engage with our healthcare team, doctors and share useful information, so we can have a better discussion in our next appointment, online or face-to-face is vitally important. We have limited time and not much opportunity to engage together..

Remember that we can only do better in our health when we share useful information with someone who is trained and knowledgeable about managing key health issues. This is key to following our treatment recommended by our doctors

Getting better at looking after yourself, is more easily achieved when you have some support from someone who understands, patients and care-givers or trained professionals. That’s why we are using tech and our coaches, to help you, step by step.

Your doctor also needs to know that you are managing better and can share relevant  information in your next online or face-to-face appointment.

Using a virtual assistant with coach support, is one way you can adapt, stay independent but still have some useful information on hand, to make choices which can benefit your health outcomes.

A virtual assistant can help us in our health. We are trying to take away the challenges of better self- care and make this easier for you and your doctor. Find out how it can work for you. One of our coaches will explain  just connect with us, we are here to help.!

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