Dear Lovexair Foundation followers and HappyAirCommunity members,

2020 has been a complicated year in which the COVID-19 situation has shown us more than ever the need for us to adapt our healthcare and social support to resources embedded in digital ecosystems.

Lovexair and HappyAir as is our custom, will be present in these most important events for respiratory and digital health during September, only this time, virtually!

Here is a  brief guide to how you can connect, meet- up or follow our progress and the latest news and hot topics.

Please feel free to contact us , so we can bring you up-to-date on key projects for supporting better care between patients and their healthcare teams, learn more about our online coach training programs or how you can develop an R&D project together with us as a patient-lead organization specializing in digital and social care support online

ELF Patient Networking Day

Saturday 05/09/200 from 10:30h to 15:30h CEST:

A day of networking, exchange of ideas and nexus where international patient organizations, share their projects, goals and advocacy initiatives for lung health.

The platform is now open and you can see the program and poster sessions:

What do we do?

 Our CEO and Founder Shane will present a brief progress report about our virtual health assistant for asthma patients that we launched on May 5th.

Bejoña Jiménez member of our Advisory Board presents a poster “ Development And Preliminary Evaluation Of The Effects Of An mHealth Web-based Platform

(HappyAir™) on Adherence to a Maintenance Program After Pulmonary Rehabilitation In

COPD Patients: Randomized Controlled Trial” , you can see it and listen to her in this link:

How can I watch it?

Although this session is not broadcast live, you can see Shane Fitch’s presentation on Monday on our social networks and through the ERS platform.

Make sure you use the official hashtag to join the conversation:#PatOrgDay2020

ERS 2020 (European Respiratory Society Annual Congress)

From Monday 07/09/2020 to Wednesday 09/09/2020:

This annual conference celebrates 30th Anniversay, for the first time virtually.

ERS is a showcase of excellence across the field of respiratory medicine & covid-19 ,  committed to supporting the respiratory community to connect, share the latest scientific studies, provide education & information during these challenging times.

Where can you find us?

Lovexair has a stand in the Congress “World Village”.

How can I watch it?

 This year you can visit our virtual exhibition at this link:

Make sure you use the official hashtag to join the conversation: #ERSCongress

ICIC20 (International Congress on Integrated Care)

Wednesdays 09-16-23 & 30/09/2020 from 09:00h to16:00h CEST:

The ICIC20 Virtual Conference is a relaunch of the 20th International Conference on Integrated Care that was to take place in Šibenik, Croatia in April. This year you can connect from anywhere in the world, eliminating the barriers associated with cost and the time involved in attending the face- to- face conference.

Where can you find us?

Similar to last year which was held in Donosti, Euskadi,  Lovexair has a booth where we will give more information on HappyAir as a  provider of digital health & social support ecosystem  for patients & healthcare professionals and our ongoing projects.

How can I attend?

You are still in time to register, whether you are a patient, a health professional or work in the health sector, in this link:

Once you register you will be able to see our virtual exhibition, talk with the members of the Lovexair team so that we can explain all the current projects and how you can participate or collaborate, or have a virtual coffee with us!

Make sure you use the official hashtag to join the conversation: #ICIC20Virtual

Global Respiratory Summit (GAAPP)

Thursday 10/09/200 from 13:00h to 17:00h CEST:

the 2020 Global Respiratory Summit will be held virtually this year.

GAAPP (Global Allergy and Airways Patient Platform) provides this platform for patient organizations to speak out on pressing issues, share best practices, and meet with respiratory advocacy organizations in a 3-hour meeting on September 10.

What is our role?

Like every year since the founding of this event, Lovexair has an important role as an active representative of patient organizations and hispanic-speaking communities and  we will actively participate this year managing the breakout session for rare respiratory diseases as well as translating these sessions into Spanish for widespread dissemination post Summit.

During the congress we will launch the link so that you can register for the free weekly training seminars for patient associations that GAAPP will teach in English, and that Lovexair will replicate in Spanish. Stay tuned to our networks so you don’t lose your place!

Make sure you use the official hashtag to join the conversation: #GRS2020

HIMSS 2020

07/09/2020 – 11/09/2020

What is our role ?

Lovexair will actively participate in the activities organized by HIMSS at their annual digital health conference with HappyAir as a digital health & social support ecosystem.

We will be connected in the patient advocacy sessions and connecting with IT, health sector and partners to keep up- to´date, identify partnering opportunities and clinical expertise in research, digital, data science and AI for development and deployment of key projects.

How can I get insights?

Stay tuned to our social networks so that we can give you the most basic insights on the advances and technologies which are becoming more mainstream due to covid-19.

Make sure you use the official hashtag to join the conversation: #HIMSS20

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